About Asgardian Armory

Kenneth has been doing leatherwork for over 30 years, and enjoys having a full leather shop. His wife, Breanne, has been hand-crafting chainmail and scale mail for over 20 years, and has been working with leather for 15 years. Renaissance Festivals have been a passion of Kenneth’s for over 30 years and he has attended several different festivals including the Texas Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest Faire, Excalibur, Four Winds, Scarborough Faire, Dickens on the Strand, Hawkwood Medieval Fantasy Faire and Muskogee Faire. 

Kenneth and Breanne met at the Texas Renaissance Festival in 2001, were engaged under the fireworks closing weekend of 2013 and finally married at Sherwood Forest Faire in 2015. The Renaissance Festival experience is one that is very dear to both of them. Upon taking over ownership of their castle, shoppe #211 at the Texas Renaissance Festival, they have nurtured a drive to become more involved in other festivals and to bring their unique styles and superior craftsmanship to a larger audience.